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Welcome to the Red Ribbon Dojo wiki, hosted by wikidot.com. This wiki serves the informational needs of residents and visitors of The Red Ribbon Dojo.

The Red Ribbon is home to Crimson Hand, an all-powerful criminal syndicate that rules the underworld of Empyrea, headquartered in Apos, and ruled by Elektra Natchios.

Are you interested in joining us?

We welcome newcomers! Use your favorite MUD/MUSH client or login via telnet to: penultimatemush.com on port 9500. Use the +port/list command to find the location of the Red Ribbon and visit us.

This wiki is currently under development, so don't mind the dust.

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Featured Article: Empyrea

the lands of Empyrea, floating in the Great Void. No one is exactly certain what the Great Void is, with theories ranging from a gap in spacetime between worlds, to an unformed world that seeks out something to define itself with. In the end, the only thing that matters is this: people and things tend to slip between the 'cracks' of their own worlds and fall into the Great Void, and getting out is difficult. Getting out to where you want to go is much, much more difficult.

Featured Article: summer-solstice-invasion | Summer Solstice Invasion

In the middle of the summer, at the Solstice, Deena brought in an associate of Aleks' for a security check, but the procedure was interrupted by an all-out invasion attempt, complete with air assault, the unified action of the Syndicate Dojo and several other actors.

How the Dojo's security systems were disarmed is still a mystery.

Participant PCs included: Elektra Natchios, Tark, Deena, Aleks Walker, Hayden Winter, Talpidae, Peter T W, Trinity West

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