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To the public, the Red Ribbon Dojo is an ancient and discriminating center for the studying and furthering of martial arts.

In actuality, it is a front for the Crimson Hand, a criminal syndicate with profound reach over the activities of the underworld of Apos and greater Empyrea.

The dojo is situated in the forested foothills of the Border Mountains, and one of its grounds walls is a sheer rockface.

Exterior Description

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Security Protocol

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Interior Description

Main Dojo

The spacious room spreads out before the eyes; and it's a wide open space that seems cavernous. The majority of the first floor is taken up by the dojo before you. A vast padded practice mat, red in color, covers the cedar floor in the center of the room. A wide path of exposed flooring is left around the walls. Along the right wall, upon the exposed flooring, is a practice area with a wide variety of different equipment. Directly across the room from the entry doors is a raised dais on which sits a large chair composed of rosewood. The chair possesses a high back that rests up against the far wall. On either side of this great chair are red velvet drapes that fall from the ceiling high above to the floor of the raised dais. A pair of large crimson crossed Sais decorates the wall above the large chair, between the drapes. On the walls to either side of the dais hang huge paintings, nearly six feet by four feet in size.

A wide platform runs along the walls of the room at the same height as the first roof, as seen from outside, forming a landing composed of cedar that serves as a frame of partial ceiling for the main room. This elevated area possesses a railing from which the practice area on the first floor can be viewed. A large set of stairs flows from the bottom floor up to this landing on the left side of the area. Thick pillars of cedar support the second floor landing, and they wrap around the length of the building on both sides. Brilliant scarlet ribbons are woven along the entire height of these columns.

Large screens are spaced along the walls at regular intervals. These rectangles of silk allow a soft glow of lighting to enter the dojo, and can be opened to provide an open air feel. Lining the wall between the screens, are sconces from which flickering flames burn continuousy. These flames are not the hue of normal fire, but have a deep crimson color identical to the ribbons on the supporting columns. The flames in these torches emit no heat, and never grow low or burn out. These torches bask the area around the walls in a deep wavering red glow.

Toward the back of the room, on the left, under the stairs, is a set of double doors with the crossed crimson sais on them. High above, the ceiling of the building is the cedar wood floor to the third story, and large cross-beams of wood run across it, braced on several of the columns that extend on up from the bottom floor. From a central beam hangs a great chandelier that illuminates the room with the same soft red glow as the torches. Back by the entry door, to either side, is a beautiful set of lacquered, banded samurai armor, of authentic nature, standing on a block of obsidian, and holding a katana. The left one is red in color, and the other one is black.

Workout Room

The weight room is fully equiped, and it is seriously furnished for those who want to condition their physiques. There are racks of weights, and steel bars, so that virtually any weight setup can be configured. All the bars and racks are chromed, and gleam in the light. There is also a chrome bench press with a black padded surface, and the crossed red sai insignia on it. A chrome squat rack sets beside it, ready to hold bars laden with huge stacks of weight. A pair of massage tables sit along the wall opposite the weights, and free-standing chrome shelves of towels, and heated massage oils stand nearby. Along a third wall, there is a row of four marble tubs filled with water. Two have ice water in them .. though, there is no visible method of creating the ice present, while two of them are filled with steaming, swirling water, as the jets in the walls of the tubs spurt out streams of the heated liquid. The tubs are large enough for one person to sit in comfortably, or two to sit in if they wish to be extremely close. The final wall has a plush, crimson leather sofa that sits against it, big enough for several people to relax on, and take a break, or to watch the workouts going on. On one side of the sofa is a water dispenser, with paper cups on top of the upturned bottle of clear water. On the other side of the sofa, there is a stack of small lockers for personal items. A rack of folding robes and towels sits by the entry to the room, all of them black terry cloth with emblems of the crossed sais in red on them.

Three of the walls of the room are totally mirrored, so that the reflections of those using the facility can be seen, and those working out can view their reflection. The wall behind the sofa is colored in a slate gray, and a large picture of the Crimson Ninja herself hangs above the couch. The floor of the room is padded in a red rubber material. Light shines down from large panels that make up the ceiling of the room. A seventy inch flat screen video monitor is suspended from the ceiling across from the sofa, and videos of erotic samurai and ninja movies and scenes show on it when the screen is activated.

Stream Baths

The walls and floors of the bath area are coverd with intricate mosaic tiles of a variety of colors. A few walls have even been arranged in such a way that it creates a picture. The bath itself occupies the center of the room, and the pool surface bubbles and swirls from the jets that shoot out streams of heated water from the walls. It is sunk into the floor, and is tiled like the rest of the room, with a large pair of crimson sais across the pool bottom. A ledge that serves as a seat runs around the edge of the pool under water, and one side has an opening with a channel off the main pool that leads into a small alcove with a three foot wall built up around it for privacy. Inside this alcove, there is another ledge for sitting against.
The wall across from the entry has a ledge built into it from which flows a seven foot wide waterfall that cascades down into the far end of the pool. Behind this waterfall is another private alcove with seating. The room is lit with light sources in the ceiling that can be controlled for brightness and color. The pool itself has underwater lighting set in the walls that can also be varied. On either side of the waterfall are marble statues of beautiful Greek goddesses, one of Athena and one of Aphrodite, nude and hewn in feminine perfection of form.
Off to the side of the pool is an open shower that is not contained in the least. The shower has several large shower heads set into brackets on the gleaming chrome pipes that run up out of the floor, and, these shower heads have grips, and can be removed to be hand held, being attached to the piping with flexible tubing. A large grating is set into the center of the floor in the shower area, and the chrome cross-bars of this grate are almost two inches apart.
A trap door of solid stainless steel, bolted and locked, is in the floor in the far corner of the room. The red crossed sais are embossed over the surface of the door. A hoist is positioned over this door, with a chain and hook descending from it. The hoist is on tracks that run over to the shower area, and, obviously, the hoist can be moved along the track.

Second Floor

This section of the dojo is comprised of a twenty foot wide wooden platform that runs all the way around the second floor of the dojo against the outer wall. The center is open, and allows a view of the practice floor of the main dojo room below, and the large chandelier, suspended from the cedar rafters of the floor of the third story is hanging almost directly at eye level here. The red light that is radiated from this lighting fixture illuminates the central area of the dojo, and much of the second floor. The cedar beams that serve as support columns run up through the floor, anchoring it, and rise on up to the ceiling above. A railing runs around the open center of the cedar wood floor, and, from that railing, the lower practice/work out area of the main floor can be viewed. The columns and cross pieces of the railing are all wrapped in crimson ribbons.
The stairs rise up to this floor on the left side of the building in relationship to the main entry. A set of spiral stairs wraps straight up into the ceiling, allowing access to the room above this one through a hatch. No torches burn here, but there are inverted opaque glass scalloped shells set intermittently on the walls that glow with soft amber light. The walls are red in color, and there are pictures on them, spaced about the area.
There are a pair of pin-ball machines against the wall to the far side of the room away from the entry below. They flicker with lights, and emit little dings and thump. One is called "Crimson Ninja", and displays the crimson kunoichi battling a number of ninjas, dressed in black. The other one is of a mafia/drug lord theme, and is called, "Scarface". Near the arcade games sits a large billiards table with a red felt surface. A rack of cue sticks is against a wall near the table. Further along the wall, in the corner of the room, there is a raised bar with a complete kitchen.
Scattered around the rectangular area are groupings of love seats, and chairs. All are leather,and overstuffed. Two of the groups, on opposite sides of the room, are situated around a free-standing ethanol fired crystal fireplaces. A third set of furnishings is set amidst a group of tropical, leafy plants set in great vases on the floor. A huge corner sectional is set in the far corner of the room on the side of the downstairs entry, and it possesses built-in recliners to kick back in. A square crystal topped coffee table is situated in front of each of it, and the sectional and table sit on throw rugs.

Crimson Lair

The top floor of the dojo is the private bedroom and playground for the owner. The walls are colored crimson, with darker red little crossed sai patterns on them. The bulk of the wall area is composed of screens that can be opened up so that this bedroom can be made as open air as one might wish. The screens open up onto a porch with a railing that runs around the entire room. From the windows and porch, one can look out over the expanse of Apos sprawled out below.
The ceiling is white textured plaster with large cedar timbers that run across it. A ceiling fan with blades that are designed to resemble katanas, and lighting fixtures that resemble red roses with glass petals, hangs from the center timber. Two large, overstuffed red leather chairs sit in the corners of the room, and there are piles of pillows and bean bags scattered about around the walls. The walls are lined with shelves, and the shelves on one wall hold myriad volumes of leather bound books. The shelves on the remaining walls are taken up with dolls of all shapes and descriptions. Most of them are beautiful in their detail. Two life sized dolls stand in the corners of the room, across from the chairs. One is of a kunoichi, fully armed, and the other is of a woman samurai, also totally equipped and geared up. The detail and realism of these dolls is breathtaking.
Most of the floor is natural cedar planks, but a large, thick red throw rug covers the center of the room. Another part of the flooring has been tiled near one side of the room, and a large claw foot tub with golden faucet fixtures sits on this tiling. There is also a sink that stands independent of the wall, being a pedestal bowl with golden fixtures, and a tall floor-mounted vanity mirror behind it. A low profile toilet and a free standing bidet of reddish hued marble are on the tile area. A circular curtain can be drawn around the entire bathroom setting, gliding on a circular railing suspended from the ceiling.
A sliding door leads into a huge walk-in closet with shelf after shelf of boots and shoes, as well as long bars on which is hung a vast assortment of women's clothing. A large mirror takes up the back wall of the closet. There is a low cabinet on one side of the closet with drawers where all manner of silky undergarments, and other interesting items are kept.
Finally, there is the bed. It is a mammoth bed, far larger than a California king, and it dominates a good portion of the bedroom. The bed is canopied, and the crimson curtains can be drawn all the way around it. Thick, goose down comforters that have the same color and patterns as the walls cover the bed; and pillows are stacked up high against the headboard. Both headboard and footboard are composed of rosewood carved with intricate scenes of a great battle between ninjas and samurai. A torchiere lamp is set on either side of the bed for light, and there are nightstands of rosewood to either side as well. Large vases of red roses and other flowers are set about the room for decoration and bouquet.

Notable Residents

The Red Ribbon Dojo
A bridge on the dojo grounds
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