Elektra Natchios


Elektra Natchios
Aliases: The Red Death
Age: -
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'
Weight: 175 lbs
Race: Human+
Class: -
Alignment: -
Affiliation: Crimson Hand
Rank: Leader
Profession: Assassin
Relationships: -
Current Status: Active
Played by Elektra

She is liquid death, poured into the mold of ultimate feminine perfection, and given solid form. Her body has been forged into a sensuous weapon in the fires of a lifetime of martial training, conditioning, dance, gymnastics, and combat. She is a sleek, predacious killing machine composed of sleek muscle and beautiful curves. Flared hips flow down to long legs that are the legs of a world-class ballerina, an Olympic gymnast, and a fitness model. Her quad muscles flex with each step, and her calves ball up hard. For those who love legs, hers are divine, and fit to be worshipped with the touch of a hand, or a tongue. The Crimson Ninja's shape is that of hour glass femininity, yet with the trappings of femme power, as befit a warrioress. Her hard abs ripple in washboard waves, and defined lats run up her back in a nice "V". A fine ass that could stop traffic on most major thoroughfares, and cause men to weep with desire is made all the more impressive with her well devoloped glutes that give a rounded, firm shape. Powerful shoulders slope down from a slender, strong neck to arms that are buff with feminine muscle. Traps, delts, and biceps that arc out with lean cabled power do not detract from her feminine beauty. Her breasts sit high and firm atop a chest layered with the striated muscle of her pecs. These twin orbs seem to defy gravity, as they protrude out in front of her with pride. This Amazonian fantasy warrioress build is packaged in a frame that is almost six feet tall. Smooth, unblemished olive skin covers this magnificent masterpiece of deadly femme beauty.

The only thing that can rival the kunoichi killer's physique in beauty is her exquisite countenance of Mediterranean perfection. Amazing blue eyes captivate and mesmerize in their intensity, possessing a color like that of twin glacial pools under an azure sky. High cheek bones, a straight, aqueline nose, and a fine jaw are part of this stunning visage, as well as full, luscious lips that beg to be kissed. This Greek vision of beauty would be at home on Mount Olympus, among the Goddesses. Framing her features is a thick, raven river of hair that flows down over her shoulders, and down her back to her behind. This mane of hair is the color of darkest sin, so black that it seems to shimmer like wet indigo ink. The ninja wears very little makeup, save for lipstick, and some mascara to highlight her incredible eyes. She certainly dosen't need it, as she is ravishing without it.

The color that symbolizes Elektra Natchios is red, and she will, typically, be wearing her scarlet ninja gear. A crimson scarf is wrapped around the top of her head from which her long black hair cascades. Her scarlet dress seems almost painted onto her body, allowing almost every detail of her physique to be put on display. The silk dress is sleeveless, and is cut so that it flows over her breasts, and up over one shoulder, and around to her back. A crimson sash circles her slender waist, riding high over her hips, and the dress flows down in a long trails from the sash in front and back that flow over her sex in front, and over the center of her ass in back. She wears red leather boots that rise up over her calves to end right below her knees.

Crimson bands of silk circle her upper arms to accentuate her impressive biceps, and her forearms are wrapped solid with similar bands, running down to her hands. Scarlet bands of silk also circle her shapely thighs, and these bands serve as holsters for her twin sais, holding them against her smooth tan skin.

Elektra will almost always have her trade-mark twin sais on her, strapped to her thighs. She will, often, carry a magnificent katana strapped across her back for an over-the-shoulder draw. The woman could well be carrying almost any type of other weaponry on her body. Even without a weapon, this femme fatale Shinobi Mistress is never unarmed, as she, herself, is a living weapon.


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