Crimson Hand

The Crimson Hand is the criminal organization headed by Elektra Natchios. The goal of this organization is, simply, to become powerful, and to control or influence all activities within their territory. Whether through bribes, coercion, threat, violence, or, even assassination, the organization seeks to constantly maintain their income flow, and to protect their interests.

Organization's Background

The organization is highly organized, and absolute loyalty, to the point of death, is demanded of it's members, who take a vow to the Supreme Shinobi herself. Various rumors surround the ritual of membership, and imagination has sparked all variety of initiation rites, from magical binding, blood letting, sacrifice, to orgies. Members are expected to be fiercely protective of their own, and to gaurd the territory and holdings of the gang with their lives, if need be.

Members of all talents and backgrounds are appreciated if they can contibute to the dominance and success of the organization. The headquarters of the gang is The Red Ribbon Dojo, the home of Elektra, and the location of her school for training the martial arts, and the darker arts of Ninjitsu. This is where the Enforcers of The Crimson Hand are trained under the watch of The Red Death.

Revenue Sources

Their income flow is derived from prostitution, drug sales, protection money from businesses,
gambling, black market dealings, fencing of goods, and all variety of dirty deeds, up to, and including assassinations.

Membership Ranks

The Crimson Hand has five ranks of increasing authority and power. They are as follows:

  1. Soldiers: These are the troops on the ground, so to speak. They are the muscle in the streets, and the people doing the work to keep things running behind closed doors. They are the bulk of the membership, and they do the vital tasks that keep money flowing, and things going. Can include: Street Enforcers, Prostitutes, Pimps, Drug Dealers, Gamblers, Spies, and Thieves.
  2. Capos: Capos, or captains are promoted from the ranks of the soldiers, and they run a crew of soldiers, overseeing them, and maintaining discipline.
  3. Masters/Mistresses: These individuals oversee the the Capos, and they report directly to the Consiglieres and the One.
  4. Consiglieres/Advisors: These are the members who have proved their loyalty, trust, and ability to the utmost, usually with years of successful service. They are the inner circle who have the personal ear and trust of The One. Their word is law for all those lower in the organization.
  5. The One: This is the Supreme Leader of The Crimson Hand to whom all answer and bow.

Associates: Associates are not members of The Crimson Hand, but they comprise all those who work with the gang, or are hired to do jobs for the organization. Money laundering businessmen, crooked cops, lawyers, and corrupt politicians would all be considered associates.

Elektra addresses the Hand
Elektra addressing members of the Crimson Hand
HQ: Red Ribbon, Apos
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