The largest, central area of Empyrea is Apos, formed by the Sister. It contains a city, mountains, and numerous other features common to a small nation, even bordering the Endless Ocean and a freshwater lake. Apos is a typical city in most respects, though it respects any Station of visitors from other lands. Actual laws are somewhat sparse, at least on private property, but the public streets are reasonably safe and secure. Socially, it has expectations much like the modern world, though with fewer restrictions it is not uncommon to see alternative sexualities spoken about, or unusual interspecies or intergenerational relationships. Such things are merely spoken in passing, in public.

Those in Apos can expect an outwardly normal city in most respects. Theft and assault are illegal, a police force exists to enforce the laws, and a certain level of propriety is expected. Residents are expected to go clothed, even if Slaves are sometimes forbidden from this by their individual owners, though it is not technically illegal and the occasional feral will make things politely awkward. Marriage is expected to result in faithfulness and also gives certain financial benefits, though any penalties from infidelity are civil, not criminal matters. It is much like a normal city, but the laws against certain relations are much more lax, so long as they are kept reasonably private. Interspecies relationships, for example, will draw some eyes and perhaps a few comments, but are not technically illegal.

Slaves are allowed to exist, and the police will enforce ownership laws over Slaves. Slaves may not own property or hold a job. However, Apos has made the act of enslavement illegal within its borders, aside from the rare criminal punishment. Almost all Slaves in Apos come from Diony with their Masters, though a few are escaped or ownerless Slaves trying to make it on their own long enough to be considered free. This is difficult, as they cannot earn money in the normal way, and if their Master can identify them, Apos will deport them.

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